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    About us

    Located in Shanghai, Frontan Animal Health Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 by a Sino-Australian joint venture. It is a modern enterprise specializing in the research, development and manufacture of animal nutrition and animal health products. At the end of 2011, the company moved to Fengjing Economic and Technological Development Park in Jinshan District, Shanghai. The company covers an area of nearly 20,000 square meters and has a number of independent standard production workshops, quality inspection R&D and office buildings with a total construction area of 11,000 square meters.

    Frontan has a self-developed production management software system which integrates functions from ERP, CRM, MES, BI, and PLC. It fully utilizes the Internet, enabling each business unit to work together under the management of software. Frontan is the first to adopt advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in the MES subsystem, and combine this technology with the production software system and ERP management system to apply it throughout the company's production process. This system enables automatically record, establishes an accurate and reliable information base, and realizes information management of procurement, production, quality inspection, storage, transportation and sales. It provides reliable technical assurance for process traceability of products.

    Frontan has three independent production workshops. The animal nutrition department has a modern and fully automatic multi-vitamin production line. The whole equipment is designed, manufactured and installed by the Swiss company Buhler, using the world's leading automatic compounding, mixing and central control systems. The height of the main workshop is 34 meters. The production process adopts vertical progressive advancement which from top to bottom, starting from the raw material silo and finished with product out of the assembly line. Closed automatic production pipeline is used throughout the whole process with the central control computer performs automatic operation according to the requirements. The only manual intervention points are the raw material enters the silo and the finished products packaging. All vitamins enter the independent silo and the process is designed to completely eliminate any risk of cross-contamination. Our product line has a capacity of up to 15,000 tons of multi-vitamins.

    Frontan’s animal health department has a GMP-certified veterinary drug production workshop, including production lines of  powder, premix, Chinese medicine and oral preparation. The GMP workshop equipped with a class 100,000 clean room, a two-stage reverse osmosis pure water manufacturing and distribution system, and a temperature-controlled stirred reaction tank and fully automated canning system. Each production line has a central air conditioning air supply system for temperature and humidity control. There is also an independent workshop for the feed additive production line.

    The company's quality inspection and R&D team members have their degrees from animal science, animal medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology and other majors, and with rich experience. The quality inspection and R&D building includes physical and chemical laboratories, instrument rooms, precision instrument room, balances room, microbiology laboratory, high temperature room and many other experimental rooms. The precision instrument room is equipped with the world's most advanced Agilent 1290 Ultra High Performance Liquid and Agilent, Waters and Shimadzu high performance liquid chromatographs to provide vitamins for all types of feed. The diode array detector is equipped with multi-band scanning for method development, which is more conducive to the analysis of complex samples and the determination of chromatographic peak purity. The instrument is equipped with atomic absorption spectrophotometer and ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer. Advanced testing equipment such as polarimeter, thin layer chromatography equipment, melting point meter, and permanent stop titrator, used for monitoring and testing of routine physical and chemical indicators, trace elements and health indicators; microbiology laboratory of 10,000 clean space for environment Monitoring and detection of veterinary drug products, as well as routine monitoring of pathogenic bacteria. With a rigorous laboratory management system, Frontan conducts full quality control at multiple control points throughout the production process to ensure superior product quality.

    In April 2005, Frontan became the first company in passing the HACCP international safety and quality system certification in the animal health industry; in 2008, it passed the ISO22000:2005 certification through the food safety system; in 2012, it passed the certification of veterinary drug GMP; in 2013, it was obtained. "High-tech Enterprise Certificate"; in 2015, it became the first batch of "Ministry of Agriculture's Feed Quality and Safety Management Standard Demonstration" enterprise. In the same year, it established "Frontan Academician Expert Workstation"; Frontan has obtained more than ten utility model patent certificates and software copyrights.

    The core product of Frontan is multi-vitamins (standard formulas include five series for general propose, livestock, poultry, aquatic and pet). Frontan’s multi-vitamins are a series of different formulas carefully designed by the company's animal nutrition experts to fully consider the development trend of the domestic and international aquaculture industry according to the different varieties and growth stages of the animal, in order to fully meet the different market demands. The products sell well all over the country and are trusted and praised by users. The production and sales of multi-vitamins are now among the best in the industry.

    Frontan has a modern management team backed by American MBA, as well as high-quality innovative talents with doctoral and master's degrees in animal nutrition, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and biochemistry. The team works excellent with highly innovative spirit.  The company maintains close cooperation with various institutions and enhances its technical strength. It has established a new technology R&D  and service system, conducts comprehensive and in-depth product application, providing customers with formula optimization, technical and produce consultation, besides mentoring and sales training.

    After continuous expansion, Frontan has established a comprehensive sales and service network nationwide in China. At the same time, Frontan has been committed to exploring the international market. Based in Shanghai, China's economy capital, Frontan provides customers with high-quality and fresh products quickly and accurately through modern logistics channels.

    With the business philosophy of “Professional in nutrition, make animals healthier!”, Frontan is committed to becoming a global animal nutrition and health care company with the spirit of “respect, positive and dedication”.